The Retz Box


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This box is 100% handmade by me from hardwood maple, cherry, or oak (it’s not a cigar box). It comes with a neutral grey removable palette and sliding panel holders. It also comes with a leather brush holster mounted on the side. It holds 4 brushes at a convenient location while you work.

Over 400 sold worldwide!

Dimensions: 7 x 12.5 x 2.5 inches


Weighs 2 lbs.

Holds paint tubes, small brushes under palette.

Adjustable friction hinges to keep lid open at the desired angle.

Attaches to any tripod with universal mount (1/4-20)

Can sit flat on a table

Holds a small board or canvas from 6×8 in. – 8×15 in. (modifications can be made to paint smaller).

Thick leather handle and brush holster on side

Finger joint corners (very strong)

Finished off with brass hardware.

Brushes not included

I built this box for the traveling painter. I have struggled to find a painting box that isn’t bulky with unnecessary moving parts, while at the same time being a reasonable price. This little box solves these issues. It is lightweight but rigid. It is perfect for throwing in your suitcase or backpack before going on a hike or trip. I wanted it to stand on its own as a piece of art, but also be highly functional and simple. This is the set-up you bring with you when just can’t seem to take your big heavy easel or bulky pochade box. I believe this will help stop painters from coming up with excuses why they can’t paint in a certain location or time of day.


Q: How do I paint on paper? A: Tape a piece of your favorite paper to a board that the panel holders can hold stable. I like to use a 8.5x12in. sheet of Gator-foam.

Q: How do I tighten/loosen the tension of the hinges? A: With a phillips head screwdriver tighten or loosen the black screw on the bottom half of the hinge. Do not touch the brass screws.

Q: How do I adjust the friction on the panel holders? A: With a pair of pliers bend the end of the brass strip so it slides in and out of the wooden piece to your liking. You may need to try a few times before it is at the level of friction that works for you.

Q: What kind of tripod do you recommend? A:

Q: Can you ship internationally? A: Yes. send me a message and I will take payment outside of my site through Paypal. It will be about an extra $35 for basic shipping or around $50 extra for insured shipping. It’s your choice. You know how the postal system works in your country better than I do. I am not responsible for lost packages.